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Takeout Double


Double over openning on one level. Could be applied by second or forth player indicating a hand worths an openning bid and supporting the other three suits with at least three cards. There is no five cards suit.


 Opener  Opponent  Explanation
 1 Suit
 A hand with openning values, promise to support the other 3 suits with at least
 3 cards, no 5 cards suit


Partner of the opponent should not pass unless responder bids something. Partner should bid the longest suit without jumping with 0-8 HCP. If it is a 5 cards suit, then partner can jump with 9+ Points, bid on three level with 11 Points or may even bid game with 13+ Points. If it is a 4 cards suit partner can apply a cue-bid with 11+ HCP.


 Opener  1.Opponent  Responder  2.Opponent  Explanation
 1 Suit
 1 Shifting Suit
 A hand with openning values, at least 5-4 distribution
 on the other 2 suits


First opponent should not pass unless opener rebid. He should bid the longer one of the other 2 suits in some level according to the total points held in hand.


The player who doubles the openning, should not rebid  in the second tour if he has minimum values. But the weak 2 openning players, allways double the openning with a hand having 16+ HCPs if they can not overcall with NT. So, their any suit rebids during the second tour of the auction, show 16+ HCPs with a long suit and NT rebids shows 18-20 HCPs with stopper on the openning suit.