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Cansino Convention

Developed by Jonathan Cansino for defense against weak NoTrump Opennings. Applied to show triple suited hands. Bidding 2 Clubs over 1 NT Openning, shows a triple suited hand of which one of them is Club. One of the other three suits is void or singleton. May be applied with 10 or more High Card Points. Suit responses of the fourth player in 2nd level are natural and indicate weak hands. If he has a strong hand, bids 2 NT and asks the short suit. The responses of the intervener are as follows:  






1 NT

2 Clubs

2 NT

3 Clubs
3 Diamonds
3 Hearts
3 Spades
3 NT
Void or singleton Hearts
Void or singleton Spades
5 cards of Hearts and the minors
5 cards of Spades and the minors
Void or singleton Diamonds

In the application of this convention, 2 Diamonds interference over 1 NT opennings shows 5-4 major distribution.