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Cappelletti Convention (Hamilton)

Four names are said to be involved in the origin of this convention: Michael Cappelletti, Fred Hamilton, John F.Pottage, Gerald W.Helms.

This is an interference convention over 1 NT opennings. Double shows 16+ points and a balanced hand.

- 2 Clubs          Shows a single suited hand

- 2 Diamonds    Shows both majors

- 2 Hearts         Shows Hearts and a minor

- 2 Spades        Shows Spades and a minor

- 2 NT              Shows both minors

After the 2 Clubs overcall, the fourth player asks the long suit bidding 2 Diamonds with a weak hand or bidding 2 NT with a strong hand. The other responses are natural.

After 2 Diamonds and 2 NT overcalls, simple support of the fourth player shows a weak hand jump support shows a strong hand. Bidding a different suit means a single suited hand.

After 2 Hearts and 2 Spades overcalls, bidding 2 NT asks the minor.

The response to Double overcall is optional. 4. Player may pass with a balanced not too weak hand and turn the double to penalty. If he has, he bid his long suit or if his hand is so weak, he bids his longest suit.

Multi-Landy : The difference with the Cappelletti is the replaces of the meanings of 2 Clubs and 2 Diamonds interferences. Since 2 Clubs overcall shows both majors in this convention, 4. Player may take the advantage to leave the choise to the intruder if the lengths of majors are equal. He bids 2 Diamonds with a weak hand and 2 NT with a strong hand.

On the other hand, in the case of 2 Diamonds interference 4. Player declares 2 Hearts in order to learn the long suit. If the long suit is Diamond, it will be played at the third level. The advantages of the two conventions are these, so you can choose accordingly.