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Gambling 3 NT

This is an openning bid with a 7 card solid minor and two stoppers in the other any two suits. You see below a typical hand to open the game with 3 NT.

ª R 7                  © A 10              ¨ 8 3                  § A R V 7 4 3 2

Some players apply this convention with only a 7 card solid minor without any stopper in other suits. This is up to the partnership aggreement, but the responses do not change.

Responses to 3 NT opennings;

Pas               :    Game.

4 Clubs         :    Prefer to play the long minor instead of 3 NT with a weak hand.

4 Diamonds   :    Support to minors, Slam invitation.

4 Majors        :    It's game, Opener should pas.

5 Clubs          :    Prefer to play a minor game.