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Splinter Bid

Presented by David Cliff and Dorothy Hayden Truscott independently from each other. In Major opennings Responder bids his singleton or void suit in double jump level with 4 cards support and 13-15 points. 3 Spades, 4 Clubs or 4 Diamonds for 1 Heart openning, 4 Clubs, 4 Diamonds or 4 Hearts for 1 Spade openning. Opener bids game with minimum value, or may start the controls with a good hand.

Splinter Bid may also be applied by the Opener. After a major response to his minor openning, he may apply Splinter bid with a solid support to major and 18+ points and he declares his singleton or void in double jump level.

Splinter Bid may be applied in minor opennings in order to find a notrump game. Responder declares the singleton in the third level with a hand having 13-15 HCPs and a 5 cards support to the openning minor. Opener may bid 3 NT with enough stopper at the partner's singleton suit, otherwise turns back to the openning minor. Opener or responder may decide to play a minor game depending to the HCPs they hold.