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Bidding Systems

There are various bidding systems being played worldwide today. Bridge game, which is originated from a card game named Whist, has been systemized first time by Ely Culbertson (1891-1955). Beginning from that time bridge game has been developed differently all over the world and different bidding systems have been created. The most famous and spreadly played systems are; Goren Bidding System which was developed by Charles Goren (1901-1991), Acol Bidding System which is so called since it was developed in a Bridge Club on Acol Street in London, England, Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) which was developed over Goren system and then finalized by American Contract Bridge League,  Two Over One which was developed over SAYC, Super Five Cards Major which was developed by Michel Lebel and Precision Club which was developed by C.C.Wei (1914-1987) in Taiwan. Goren Bidding System is not being played on Bridge Clubs anymore because it has lost its effectiveness comparing to the other systems. Acol bidding system is mostly played in England but it has been presented many improvements over the years. Precision Club Bidding System is mostly played in Far East but there are Precision players all over the World. Furthermore, many strong club systems were created just like Blue Club, Polish Club etc. Today's most common bidding systems are Five Cards Major systems.  Standart American Yellow Card and Two Over One are American versions, and Super Five Cards Major is French version.