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Convention Comparisons

Most of the conventions could be applied in different bidding systems. But of course there are conflictions between some conventions.  So you have to prefer one of them among which conflicts with each other. The tables below show these kind of conflictions. The conventions which do not take place in these tables may be regarded as there is no confliction with any convention. Blackwood conventions are suitable with any convention but again there is a preference problem in between Blackwood Conventions such as Roman Blackwood, Key Card Blackwood etc.

All the conventions below are the defense conventions against the strong 1 No Trump openings, so they naturally conflict with each other and you have to prefer one of them.

PinPoint Astro
Modified Astro
Crash Over 1 NT
Trefl Landy

Stayman, Minor Suit Stayman, Jacoby Transfer ve Texas Transfer are commonly used in almost all bidding systems but the applications differ between the systems. You can examine the conventions section for detaled information. Baron convention is utilized only in Acol Bidding system and conflicts with Stayman. Although Flint convention seems to conflict with Stayman, it is only applied on 2 No Trump openings so it could be considered with Stayman on 1 No Trump openings. On the other hand you have to make a preference between Stayman and  Puppet Stayman.

There are 3 different Drury conventions;  Trefl Drury, Reverse Drury ve Bergen Drury. You have to choose one of them

We have 3 different cue-bid applications which shows 5-5 card disribution; Michael's Cue-Bid, Ghestem and Astro Cue-Bid. So you will have to choose one of them again.

For the other conflictions between the conventions you can examine the table below. X shows the conflictions.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
1 Albarran   X             X           X        
2 Benjamin X               X           X        
3 Bergen Raises         X                            
4 Exclusion Blackwood                         X            
5 Control Bid     X                                
6 Controlwood                                   X  
7 Dural                       X   X          
8 Dural Transfer                                 X   X
9 Flannery X X                         X        
10 Fragment Bid                                   X  
11 Gerber                               X      
12 Lebensohl             X             X          
13 Roman Asking Bid       X                              
14 Rubinsohl             X         X              
15 Schenken X X             X                    
16 Sharples                     X                
17 Smolen Transfer               X                     X
18 Splinter Bid           X       X                  
19 Weissberger               X                 X